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Founded in 1978, Waikoloa Land Company designed, developed, and together with partners, operates the Waikoloa Beach Resort. The resort is situated among the vast lava fields on the breathtaking Kohala coast of Hawai‘i Island. The vibrant master-planned resort welcomes more than 400,000 visitors each year to enjoy its premier resorts, condominiums, world-class golf courses, preserved historical sites, shopping and dining destinations, recreational space, and undeveloped land. As a humming economic engine for Hawai‘i Island, Waikoloa directly and indirectly supports 5,000 local jobs and contributes to the local community through its charitable giving arm — the Waikoloa Foundation.

The Story Behind the Waikoloa Land Co. Logo

There are two varieties of the Naupaka, one growing near the sea called Naupaka Kahakai, the other in the mountain is called Naupaka Kauihiwa. Each bears what appears to be half of a blossom. When placed together, they form a perfect flower.

There are several Hawaiian legends about these curious blossoms.  One story tells of two lovers, forever separated by the vengeful wrath of the Volcano Goddess Pele.

Pele desired the young man, and appeared before him as a beautiful stranger; but the lovers remained inseparable. Enraged, she pursued him into the mountains, hurling fiery lava after him. But Pele’s gentler sisters took pity on him, and to save him from death they transformed him into the mountain naupaka. Then Pele turned on the young woman, chasing her to the sea; but again her sister goddesses intervened, changing the maiden into the beach naupaka.

And so they exist today, each blooming as a half flower, never to be united again.

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