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What is the Waikoloa Foundation?

The Waikoloa Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded to steward the precious cultural and environmental attributes that make Hawai‘i unique:

  • Protecting and restoring historical and cultural sites
  • Preserving Waikoloa’s natural resources
  • Empowering Hawaiʻi’s future generations, leaders and change-makers through education and community initiatives
  • Leading responsible tourism efforts on the Kohala Coast
  • Encouraging sustainable development to protect Hawaiʻi’s unique ecosystem

How are foundation activities funded?

The Waikoloa Foundation was founded by Waikoloa developer Ron Boeddeker and his wife Catherine in 1987 and has been continuously funded by Waikoloa Land Company ever since. Today, the Foundation is also funded by event proceeds from productions at the Waikoloa Bowl as well as supported by contributions from businesses and individuals committed to the mission of the Foundation.

How does the foundation prioritize its programs and initiatives?

The Waikoloa Foundation understands its responsibility to the Waikoloa ‘ohana – a family that extends beyond the boundaries of the Waikoloa Beach Resort to include our community and the precious island that we are privileged to call home. We seek out organizations that share our passion for supporting culture, education and environment. We create projects to steward our natural resources and strengthen our community.

How can I get involved?

We love working hand in hand with our community. We welcome participation in our volunteer activities – beach clean-ups, trail maintenance and more – and are always eager to learn from our neighbors and partners about new ideas and issues top-of-mind for our community. Contact us here to connect directly with our leadership team.

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