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The Waikoloa Foundation started with a vision: a thriving Hawaiʻi, rooted in the memory of its rich past. In 1987, Ron Boeddeker envisioned a future for the Waikoloa area as one built on tradition, honor and a reverence for the land. His dream of a gathering place among the ponds and petroglyphs would bring people together year after year. Waikoloa has always supported cultural traditions and conservation as a way to honor not only the Native Hawaiian people but also the Boeddeker family’s legacy and vision for the future. Today, the Waikoloa Foundation is a steadfast support for the culture, environment and education of our Hawai‘i Island community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Waikoloa Foundation is to steward the precious cultural and environmental attributes that make Hawai‘i unique. The Foundation preserves the archeological and ecological resources of the past, while supporting the advancement and education that will benefit both the ʻāina and ‘ohana of this community for generations to come.

Our Focus

At the Waikoloa Foundation, we are passionate about our primary focus in culture, education and environment. We are protecting and restoring historical and cultural sites, preserving Waikoloa’s natural resources, empowering Hawaiʻi’s future generations, leaders and change-makers through education and community initiatives, leading responsible tourism efforts on the Kohala Coast and encouraging sustainable development to protect Hawaiʻi’s unique ecosystem.

Our Leadership

The Waikoloa Foundation is guided by an advisory board, comprised of Hawai‘i Island community members with kuleana to care for ʻAnaehoʻomalu — the division of land from mauka (mountain) to makai (sea) where Waikoloa is situated — and to ensure that the community and culture thrive in perpetuity. 

These advisors are business leaders, cultural leaders and residents of Hawai‘i Island, as well as individuals who provide insight into the diversity of ideas and opportunities that intersect at the Waikoloa Resort.

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